Born in Parma 1992,
The fundamental theme of his research is to realize/fuse the essentiality of the design enhancing the needs of industrial production without neglecting the equilibrium of the final product constantly comparing itself to the evolution of projects in the relationship with the artisans.

In 2015 began his activity as a designer after studies on design, photography and 3D modeling/rendering.
In 2016 is founder of ATELIERNANNI in collaboration with the architect/designer Emilio Nanni, creating various collections with several Italian companies.
In 2017 he is curator of two solo exhibition in Bologna, at Tatler Perfumery spaces and Nero Factory (EX BARNUM), with a series of prototype collections.
In 2019 at the Lenz Foundation, he partecipated at theoretical-practical scenography workshop, working with Francesco Pititto and Maria Federica Maestri, ended with the participation in the stage staging of "La Vida Es Sueño" installed in the spaces of the Pilotta Monumental Complex (project for Parma Italian Capital Culture 2020).


︎ Seating Collection for TrabA’

︎ Coffee Table + Magazine Rack for Opificioitalia

︎ Coffee table PROTOTYPE | Unedited


06/2018 - CASE e STILI - AtelierNanni, ZeroUno x Billiani
06/2019 - HINGE (HK) - Genoa x TrabA’
06/2019 - ELLE DECOR IT - AtelierNanni, Suite Bookstand x MIDJ 07/2019 - GARDENIA - Genoa x TrabA’
09/2019 - ELLE DECOR IT / BEST OF DESIGN - AtelierNanni, Suite Bookstand x MIDJ
12/2020 - Cover design for FilmTvRivista #52
03/2021 - Cover design for FilmTVRivista #9